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App Design


Cloud9 is an idea for a mobile application designed to enhance users' sunset-viewing experiences by providing accurate sunset & sunrise times, golden hour notifications, and recommended locations for optimal sunset views.

The app aims to help users plan their sunset adventures with ease and predictability. By integrating user-generated content through photo uploads and ratings, Cloud9 also fosters a vibrant community of sunset aficionados.


In today's fast-paced world, the value of spending quality time with nature is often overlooked. Watching the sunset is a cherished activity for many, as its a time to unplug from the world and connect with nature.

There’s nothing worse than planning an evening to go for the sunset, only for the view to be cloudy and grey. While existing weather apps offer sunset times, they often lack additional features tailored specifically for sunset enthusiasts. Cloud9 helps assist users in planning their sunset-viewing endeavors by giving a data-backed prediction of the sunset, along with times of golden hour, blue hour, and more.


Problem Statement

Currently, there are no apps that are easy to use and accessible for sunset enthusiasts. Existing apps provide minimal data regarding sunset times and weather, but those numbers are only helpful if you know how to understand them.

Cloud9 aims to give users predictions based off these numbers, to help you plan your sunsets accordingly. In addition, the app has a photo sharing feature, where users can rate and share their sunset experiences.

Design Process

After establishing what type of features I wanted to include in the app, I did some research on existing apps with features I was interested in, and how I could improve upon those.

iPhone 13 Pro Max - 11.png

sunset quality prediction

countdown till sunset

key times throughout the day

hourly cloud coverage

iPhone 13 Pro Max - 12.png

sunset & sunrise forecast for the week

iPhone 13 Pro Max - 13.png

explore the best locations in your area to view the sunrise or sunset. You can also filter by trails and viewpoints

get quick previews of nearby locations

iPhone 13 Pro Max - 14.png

add a new photo here

see your month at a glance and which days you uploaded a sunset/sunrise photo

quickly see your best views

notification option

iPhone 13 Pro Max - 15.jpg

click a day on the calendar to see its details

swipe to see all the photos

when you add a photo, you can tag the location, give a rating out of 5 stars, write additional notes, and see other photos of yours from this location.

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