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Fur Internship

2021 - 2022

At Fur, my main project was to help redesign their blog page on their website. Fur is an inclusive, vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic skincare brand aiming to bring comfort and care to all people.

  • Role: Digital Designer

  • Duration: October 2021 - January 2022

  • Team: 1 Digital Designer, 1 Web Designer

  • Responsibilities: Design Research, UI/UX Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Prototyping & Testing

How can we reorganize the blog landing page in order to increase viewership and enhance the overall experience?

What is the blog page?

The Fur blog is a place where people can go to learn more about the products, read interviews with relevant people, and get connected to the brand as a whole.



My main approach was to create a system to organize the different types of blog posts by creating categories and tags.

Exploring the problem...

The original design for the blog consisted of an infinite scroll with all types of blog posts displayed together. This was difficult to navigate and we learnt we needed to create categories and tags to create a more seamless experience for users.

Design Process

Design Process

In order to effectively tackle the problem, I experimented with many different designs. Seeing how a prominent hero with categories underneath worked, or creating a tagging system to narrow down the blog posts shown at once.

Final Design

After extensive QA and iterations, we approached a final design that was easier to navigate, organized, and structured.

  • Prominent Hero: To provide an “at a glance” section, we created a hero that displayed 3 featured articles.

  • Categories: We created a menu bar with 5 main categories to quickly see the different types of blog posts. “How To,” “Education,” “Interviews,” “Inspiration,” and “All.”

  • Grid System: We simplified the layout from the former to utilize a 3-grid system with square image previews for each post.

Old Blog Landing Page

Group 37.png

Redesigned Blog Landing Page

Group 38.png

Handoff + Takeaways

After agreeing on the final design for the new blog landing page, I handed it off to the Web Designer, who implemented all the new features. The complete redesign went live after my internship came to a close, but seeing the updated blog page was incredibly rewarding.

During this project, I learnt so much about the design process and working with other people to create something new. This was an incredibly fulfilling experience and it was an honor to be apart of it.

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