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Workday Projects

2021 + 2022

During the summer of 2021, I had the opportunity to intern at Workday as a design intern, and returned the following summer in 2022 as a visual communication design intern.

During my time at Workday, I worked alongside Instructional Designers, and worked on projects ranging from creating editable templates, assets for e-learning courses, branding for various teams, and so much more. 

A lot of my time consisted of creating custom graphics for each course, in order to create a personalized feel for the learners while maintaining the company's brand identity. To the right are some examples of how I put these graphics to use in a learning guide.


I helped various teams, such as the Agility team, to establish a branding identity. I designed t-shirts for the team members, and helped create infographics and editable templates. 

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