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During my 3rd year at Parsons, I had the opportunity to intern at Fur, a skincare company, as a digital designer. At Fur, my main project was to help redesign their blog page on their website. Fur is an inclusive, vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic skincare brand aiming to bring comfort and care to all people.


Digital Designer


Oct 21 - Jan 22


Design Research, UI/UX Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Protoyping & Testing

How can we reorganize the blog landing page in order to increase viewership and enhance the overall experience?

What is the blog page?

The Fur blog is a place where people can go to learn more about the products, read interviews with relevant people, and get connected to the brand as a whole.



My main approach was to create a system to organize the different types of blog posts by creating categories and tags.

Design Process


In order to effectively tackle the problem, I experimented with many different designs. Seeing how a prominent hero with categories underneath worked, or creating a tagging system to narrow down the blog posts shown at once.

To begin, I sought out to figure out what is working and what is not on the blog page. I wanted to redesign the landing page in a way that still maintains the current identity, but improves the overall experience and look of the page.

Group 60.png


Wireframe - 2.png
Wireframe - 3.png
Wireframe - 1.png
Wireframe - 4.png

Final Design

After extensive QA and iterations, we approached a final design that was easier to navigate, organized, and structured.

Prominent Hero

To provide an “at a glance” section, we created a hero that displayed 3 featured articles.


We created a menu bar with 5 main categories to quickly see the different types of blog posts. “How To,” “Education,” “Interviews,” “Inspiration,” and “All.”

Grid System

We simplified the layout from the former to utilize a 3-grid system with square image previews for each post.

Old Blog Landing Page

Group 37.png

Redesigned Blog Landing Page

Group 38.png
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