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California Wildfires

Interactive book

"California Wildfires" is an editorial publication with the goal of visualizing data in an unconventional way.

Made during the course, Information Visualization, at Parsons School of Design.

The first 25 pages of the book are cutouts, with each page representing 200 fires, totaling to over 8,000 wildfires of 2021 in California. At the bottom of each page is a sentence with information regarding statistics about the fires. The following pages are foldouts beginning with the year. As you flip the page up, you see photos of the fires from that year. As you open the pages for a final time, you see hundreds of dots. Each dot represents about 320 acres of land destroyed by the fires. 

The scale of the paper, and the quantity of dots helps visualize the data in a visual manner as opposed to the traditional way of raw numbers.

As I was making this book, I intended the audience to be children as it is an interactive book, but given the heavy topic, the audience can be for anyone.

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