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Branding & Identity

"Supple" is your on-the-go vitamin and supplement sachet.

Made during the course, Stories <-> Platforms, at Parsons School of Design.

The goal of this project was to create a "disruptive" brand and design banner ads for it. I chose to create an "on-the-go" version of dissolvable supplements.

Mission Statement

Supple is a completely customizable dissolvable vitamin supplement for any person who wants to add some variety to their daily regimen. Supple vitamins are designed to fit your needs, whether that is immune support, muscle growth, or healthy skin. Supple is designed to be taken on your time, so no more forgetting to take your daily vitamins.

Problem + Solution

Problem + Solution

Supple came to fruition through my own personal problem that I thought could be solved thorough quite a simple product.

My problem was that I always forget to take my daily vitamins. I often want to take them in the morning, but some vitamins/supplements you can’t have on an empty stomach, and I typically don’t eat in the morning.

An easy solution is to have dissolvable vitamins that I can put into my water bottle, so I can take them on the go and have them whenever it is convenient.

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For the product to be as convenient as possible, I opted for a sachet style packet for the product. Small sachets can easily be placed in your pocket or tossed in your bag to quickly bring them with you on the go.

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The vitamins are meant to feel personal and customizable for any type of person. To achieve this, I created 3 variations of the product to target 3 different needs. Each variation has its respective color palette to match.

The Beauty Guru

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Group 12.png

The Health Conscious Person

The Gym Goer

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For the banner ads, I wanted to maintain a clean but youthful and vibrant look since these are vitamins.

The logo came about midway through the project, after lots of trial and error. I eventually landed on a pill with a diagonal line through it to convey the message of “ditch the pill, try Supple.”


I used this logo design in a couple different ways. One was to use it as a frame for the sachets, another way was as a motif in the banner ads, and lastly, as a small logo alongside the text.

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