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Silkscreen Printing


Graphic Design & Silkscreen Printing course at Parsons School of Design

These silkscreen posters were all made during an elective course in my final semester at Parsons. This was my first experience with silkscreen printing, and I slowly fell in love with the process. I struggled at first since I am so used to digital mediums, but after I got a grasp on the technique and figured out what types of elements work and don't work, I was able to fully immerse my self in the process. Silkscreen printing is a manual printing process, so it was a really good break from staring at my computer screen all day. 

During this course, we had 3 projects, each one stemming from the previous, and each one containing typography. The idea for the first project was to choose any object and use it to create a poster design with 2-3 colors/layers. For my object, I chose a bouquet of flowers that my mother had sent me for my birthday one year, and they had dried out perfectly since my NYC apartment at the time had no windows and no air flow in the living room. The second project was to use the concept from the first poster to create another that is more complex with more layers. For this poster, I chose to create a visual portrait of my mother, including flowers that remind me of her, and text that says "jaanu" which means "my love/my dear."

The last project was to create a poster series that represented opposites, and was inspired by the previous poster. For this one, I was inspired by my half Indian/ half Pakistani background, and used elements from each culture in the design for each poster. I printed on black paper, so I had to do an underprint for each layer in white before going in with color. 

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